It’s A Jungle Out There!

From cow print to wilder patterns such as zebra, tiger, wild prints are spreading all over spring-summer fashion 2021. And the animal print trend will last very much longer, till fall with lot of leopard print coats seen in the latest designers collections. Add some fierce to your wardrobe and inject some escapism with the animal print fashion trend.


For an elegant style start buying tailored pieces like a blazer, shirt, blouse but you can opt for a dress, caftan or skirt in flowy, silky fabric. Note that in black and white, animal prints like cow, zebra and giraffe can easily be used as neutral so it’s easy to mix and match. Tiger print is also very versatile. Now if you prefer something more exotic like cheetah or snake combine separates with same family print or pick a color that matches with the print or pick a black and white animal print as it plays like a neutral. For a head to toe look, the same rules applies. At the end, it has to make sense and to bring a smooth render. You can also embrace the trend in a less eye-catching way with accessories like shoes, purses or scarves.

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