On the left: Coriander and beetroot salad with avocado and mint. On the right: Fresh herb and tomato bites.

Hello everyone,

I hope you are spending a pleasant long weekend for those who do not work this Monday.

On weekends I like to take care of myself and I set goals for the following week. This weekend I decided to do a food rehabilitation after several weeks of very caloric deviation with this book “EAT BEAUTIFUL”. The book contains a preface written by the actress Sienna Miller who is a loyal client of the author Wendy Rowe. Wendy Rowe is a professional makeup artist and shares her beauty knowledge in this beautiful book. She advices foods rich in vitamins and their benefits on our body, she has published recipes for each season and very beautiful photos that really make you want to eat better to look like her illustrated models with perfect glowing skin. Wendy Rowe gives very good advice on how to equip yourself before cooking or doing her beauty care.

This is not a diet book it’s not restrictive but more finding balance on food quantity and quality. It’s about how to better choose foods, good sugar and fat. You will nourish your body with beautiful vitamin foods and sexy dishes. This book will give you ideas to prepare healthy meals when you do not know anymore what to cook as healthy meal. It will motivate you to care of your feed quality, your health, the condition of your skin and your hair.

Above 2 recipes I’ve tried this weekend that are really delicious. I thought I was going to be hungry with all these veggie. In fact not at all, these dishes are very filling and I strongly recommend you to try. So, I hope to have a doll complexion in a few weeks and a few pounds less.

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