Black Hair History

Yesterday between two appointments as I had some time to waste, I stopped to a library and I stumbled on this book “Textures The History and Art of Black Hair”. I immediately found it very attractive and I thought, “finally a book released about African coarse hair with nice and interesting illustrations”. I browsed some pages and images. One old black and white photo showed two women, one ironing the hair of the other one. It reminded me a conversation I had with a girlfriend that saw exactly this in a Youtube video. We laughed on how black women can do crazy things to straighten their hair and to melt in beauty standards. Even my mom younger used a metal comb warmed on gas stoves to straight her hair but she looked great with her natural hair.
Another part of the book highlights Afro woman hair routines from the past to present times and some important iconic women such as Angela Davis that turned out natural afro hair into fashion. Actually now she is one of my favorite muse for afro hairstyle and it somehow convinced it me to stop relaxing my hair.

Textures: The History and Art of Black Hair by Tameka Ellington and Joseph L. Underwood available on Amazon

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