You love wearing your white sneakers but worn often they tend to get dirty faster. Get some tips to clean and keep them clean.

Note that if you are too lazy to clean them regularly, think to buy a second one so you don’t wear the same pair too often therefore they will be less used. Now if it is not in your budget to buy several pairs do the following :


Photography Julien Carrera



The Key Rules

  1. Clean new spots as soon as they show up. That way it twill be easier to remove them.
  2. Prefer leather sneakers than canvas. They will last longer and they are less difficult to wash.
  3. Don’t expose them too much in direct sunlight. They don’t need sun soaking at all and they will turn yellow.
  4. Never use the washing machine for your white sneakers.
  5. Don’t use bleach! They risk to turn yellow.


White Leather
Take a soft piece of rag and scrub with white vinegar to remove stains. You can also try with a magic eraser. For narrow areas use an old toothbrush with warm water and mild soap. Then apply a white covering shoe polish. Note that if with all that a small stain or scratch remains use one of your white nail polish to cover it.

White Canva
Use a clean sponge dipped into a water mixied with some laundry soapand dish soap then scrub gently. You can also use an old toothbrush to reach difficult area. Dry them faster by tapping with some papertowel and then stuff your shoes to absorb moisture.

See here more details and video on how to clean white canva shoes.

White Laces
Handwash your laces in warm water with some soap. Then let them airy dry.

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