How To Wear Gingham: Summer 2023 Beloved Print

Mother and daughter outfit in gingham. Shop this baby girl gingham look here

Every year I love wearing gingham for spring and summer. I mostly tried everything from gingham pants outfit to gingham dress and shorts. This adorable print is timeless and definitely easy to wear during this sunny season for a chic brunch, picnics or wine tasting it’s perfect.

Asos design gingham top

You can either go full gingham with top and bottom but make sure the prints are in similar size. The color doesn’t matter. I mix yellow gingham with blue gingham prints sometimes.

Scroll down to browse the prettiest gingham clothing and accessories and click here to see some of my gingham looks.

Arket midi gingham dress
Asos pink gingham shirt

I really think Jcrew is the leader when is about creating chic printed pieces. They are a bit more pricey but quality, style are on another level.

Jcrew blue cardigan with gingham prints
Jcrew sleeveless gingham top
Jcrew gingham straight leg pants
Jcrew mini shorts in gingham
Jcrew gingham printed blazer
Jcrew gingham jacket

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