I know how it is frustrating of not finding long pants that reach the floor or long sleeves that cover your wrists. See my list below for where to buy tall clothing.

If you know other shops, please add them in the comment section. I would love to know them too.

(left to right, Asos platforms; Topshop dress and boiler suit; Long Tall Sally flats)


Webshops (all with international shipping option)

Asos Tall 

Offers I think the largest selection of tall and stylish clothes. If you love latest fashion trends, this is the place!

A Few weeks ago I was looking for utility chic pieces like this boiler suit and also a statement peplum top. I did not find anything in other affordable online shops but here I found them straight away!
There are regularly new items and some shoes available up to size 11 and 12.


The Tall range has pretty and high quality clothes with great trending products but I think options a limited and prices a little a expensive. However I bought a long black skinny jeans and wore it on repeat and it did not change color. I regret I did not buy two.

Long Tall Sally 

Undoubtedly a shop dedicated to tall women with a large selection of clothes for tall women. Plus they offer tights and nice accessories for tall women like these cute knot detail gloves. I think this shop is great for basics but If you expect a little more fancy items you may find them more in shoes but not really in clothing. They have nice and large selection of extended size shoes.

The following shops have also a tall range but I can’t really review them as I did not make many orders yet.

New Look

Tall shop has some fashionable pieces but they are more less classic style.

Banana Republic 

Its tall range clothes are very BCBG but in a contemporary way and look high quality. I think it’s a great shop for nice basics. Some shoes are available up to 12 but as I said it’s very classic.


I love the jeans, pants and jumpsuits selection of the tall shop. It’s very similar to “Banana Republic” but more casual.

Designers Brands

Note that most designers’ pants are left unfinished and can be tailored to your height or have leg length up to 36in or even to 37 and 38in.
I own Gucci, Sportmax, Max Mara, Rachel Zoe, Frame denims and pants they are all super long. I have to wear heels because otherwise they will swipe the floor.

Additional Tips 

H&M sell some beautiful jeans up to 34 but only online.

In stores, check if pants you like have a big hem. You can then use the hidden length and alter them to fit you.

Zara and particularly Mango have some great styles with long legs. I bought many of my favorite wide pants at Mango.

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