Sporty Chic: How To Wear a Tennis Pleated Skirt

A Tennis Skirt outfit to wear on and off the court

For this look you absolutely need a tennis skirt or even better pleated skorts (those are a combination of shorts and a skirt) but not necessarily as short as Miu Miu collection.

skort in white

Then build this look with a polo shirt, white sneakers, an elegant tote, a pair of aviator sunglasses and all this mostly in neutral tones. Then the icing on the cake is a pop of color inspired by the tennis court in neon green (ref. the tennis ball) very on trend this season. Note that you can also select some outfit ideas, accessories and clothes from the famous brand Lacoste.

Pink polo shirt
My latest tennis skirt outfit

Personally I love adding a balletcore vibes with cute ballet flats or a preppy style with a striped top or a polo shirt and a light blazer. See my suggestions below that will bring this very classic look on another level.

sleeveless polo shirt
white handbag
aviator sunglasses
green skort
white lace up sandals
yellow polo shirt
Skort in beige
slippers in black

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