Welcome to Tallfashion Blog.

I’m Pam. I find my inspirations in music, nature, history and movies. Sometimes I watch  some old movies just to admire and get new ideas from the clothes worn by the characters. Every season I look forward to the new looks and the latest trends I will pick up inspiration from  and to develop my different looks. I like to wear accessories that some people would find odd for a woman, such as a bowler. My style often depends on my mood and so it embodies how I feel. I like to mix the materials, lengths and colors. I love to dress because it is a challenge of creativity.

Shopping makes me lose track of time. When I walk into a mall or a department store, I even forget lunchtime. My thirst for excitement and discovery makes me happy, excited and also very meticulous. As soon as I detect something unique, I love to share and that is why I created this blog.

I’m 6ft tall (1m80)  and it’s hard to find long enough clothes and large size shoes. If you are also tall, you will find regular posts on my latest ideas and fashion finds. You will get my latest looks, skills, webshops, travels, shopping and beauty tips.

That’s not all! You can also comments my posts. I’d love to hear from you.